Graphic Requirements

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Graphic Requirements

Post by doubledge » Sat Apr 19, 2014 12:07 pm

Given the latest advancements in Evo and the many problems I see regarding graphics compatibility, I think the Dial team should consider allowing Evo to support different levels of graphic capability like many other high end graphics intensive and rendering applications. I feel like every new version requires higher end graphics support and always removes support for the previous requirements. At some point this becomes counter productive for us users and defeats the point of having free software when you are constantly having to upgrade hardware and software, not to mention the time required to deal with these issues. The planed obsolescence is happening too fast. It would be nice if Evo had graphic options that allowed users to use it with different graphic capabilities. So rather than preventing users from even installing Evo, it could adjust what it's capable of doing based on the users graphics capabilities, to a certain degree at least. For example, a user with less than optimal graphics capabilities might still be able to build a model and do calculations with some level of basic rendering instead of the best rendering or someone with older graphics might only be able to build the model and do only calculation and no rendering. This way the latest software is usable to the widest range of users and they all get the benefits of the various bug fixes and updates to the degree that they can use them.

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Re: Graphic Requirements

Post by kvkozierowski » Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:43 am


Of course we can understand the problems these changes produce and it was no easy decision. You are right, the requirements did change in the latest versions and will change with evo 4 again (OpenGL 3.3). We know that this is not optimal.
However this affects mainly a rather small group of users (Mac users running evo within a virtual machine with limited graphics driver (OpenGL) support). evo 3.2 needs OpenGL 2.1 (with some extensions), this OpenGL version was released in 2006, almost eight years ago. The difference between evo 3.1 and evo 3.2 is the missing Direct3D support. We do not have the ressources to support two render systems in evo in the future.

We do not think that a eight or four years (evo 4) old graphics card is a to high hardware requirement for evo. Every standard 50$ graphics card sold the last years should work with evo. So this should not be a big issue on native Windows machines.

Perhaps there are other VMs that have better OpenGL support (VirtualBox?).

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