evo 8.0 import ifc works until file saved then not responsive

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evo 8.0 import ifc works until file saved then not responsive

Post by timb138@gmail.com » Fri Sep 21, 2018 1:48 pm

Hi All,
I have an issue with working on a IFC imported file in Dialux evo 8.0.
The model opened after a 10 minute processing time (its a series 1 i7 cpu) with the majority of the drawing intact, there are a few issues with the land levels in project view; it also doesnt like 1 staircase (it doesnt show up at all), and there is no 1st storey floor for some reason but i can work with it and much better than drawing it all from scratch.

The issue I`m having is: after importing I started to put in the calculation areas on the ground floor, all was going ok until I saved the file after the 30 minute prompt. since then I can't start the polygon tool or the rectangular calculation area tool selections, the tool selects and I get the appropriate cursor shape but when i click the 1st point nothing happens, I did have a couple of instances before I saved when the first point wouldn't start for 15 seconds or so but a double click gave it a nudge but after saving it doesn't work at all.

The file is pretty large but I have 16GB of Ram and the laptop runs every other cad, photo and video editing software i`ve tried so I dont think its lack of resources.

The first time I did the IFC import, I saved it immediately and after closing it I couldnt open the file. This was the 2nd attempt at the IFC import, I thought it had just got corrupted but now I`m seeing the start of a trend, the IFC imports dont like being saved.

I am going to import the IFC for the third time and i`m not going to save it to see what happens but I will need to save at some point so I could do with some tips please.


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Re: evo 8.0 import ifc works until file saved then not responsive

Post by Csuleiman » Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:57 am

Dear timb138@gmail.com,

Thank you for providing us with your project file.

Our developers were able to repair your project file which we have sent you via email. There was a problem with a building opening. We will fix this bug in our next evo version.

Best regards,
DIAL Support Team


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