Luminaire parts list duplicated

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Luminaire parts list duplicated

Post by kikeblackberry » Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:45 pm

I would like you to check if the following behavior when exporting to DWG file is normal.

I made a simple project file creating a new project at EVO start option “outdoor and building planning. Then I created two separate buildings, each building with one room into it. After that, I inserted a line arrangement of luminaires into the room created in building 1 and place an individual luminaire into the room created in building 2.

At that point, I went to “export” tab and select “site” in order to export all project’s luminaires because the whole project consist of two buildings. After export was done I opened the dwg file and I discovered that luminaire part list table was duplicated. I mean I found two tables for line arrangement in building 1 and two tables for individual luminaire in building 2. The same result happened when you select "building" in order to export each building separately.

When you select "storey" to export each storey separately just 1 table is showed as it would be expected.

I think, this behavior and results tables will be confusing once you have got a really big project.

Many Thanks for your time
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Re: Luminaire parts list duplicated

Post by kvkozierowski » Wed Oct 10, 2018 8:47 am

Hi kikeblackberry,

Thank you for your report. We can reproduce this behaviour and have created a bug ticket for our developers. We will solve this issue in a future version of evo.

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