Convert AVEVA E3D to DIALux evo 8.2

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Convert AVEVA E3D to DIALux evo 8.2

Post by Sandro » Wed Feb 12, 2020 10:02 pm

I'm having problems exporting files from "AVEVA PDMS" to "Dialux".
I exported the .IFC file, but when importing to "DIALUX" the following error message is reported "The IFC file cannot be imported because no building with valid geometry could be found."
Has anyone ever experienced this?
Format used is IFC2X3


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Re: Convert AVEVA E3D to DIALux evo 8.2

Post by Csuleiman » Thu Feb 13, 2020 6:12 am

Hello Sandro,

Evo 8.2 requires at least one building with a storey and walls. Without (logical) building, the import is canceled. After importing the IFC file into evo, an error message will pop-up, which means that there is no building with valid geometry found. Therefore, you got such an error message.

In our knowledge base you will find helpful information regarding the requirements of a good IFC import. ... ifc-import

In DIALux, however, we urgently require logical components such as objects for walls, storeys and buildings. For example, because we need rooms for work planes or ceilings as mounting surfaces of luminaires. If only surfaces arrive in evo, an IFC building would be nothing more than an object created with Sketchup as 3DS. For this the 3D object import is available. The special feature of the IFC is the transmission of logical information in order to continue working with this data. For example, room book creation, mass determination, etc.

Here you will find a "compliant" BIM / IFC example: ... -templates

You can download the IFC model as a ZIP file from this page. The ZIP is about 30MB in size.

Here is a link to download the imported in DIALux and light bimcollab building.

The fact is that the CAD programs do not yet have a uniform line in the restriction for creating a BIM file. Some force the user to work with logical elements, i.e. create a plot, ceiling, wall, etc. Other programs, in turn, allow the planner to construct a house of blocks (LEGO bricks) and then store the sum of the blocks as a "house" in an IFC. Of course, there is no logical information in the "cuboids", such as "I am part of the wall between Room 2 and Room 3. I am made up of the following layers and my fire resistance is XXX".

DIALux currently requires these logical elements in the IFC. We will examine whether we can be less restrictive in the future. However, this will automatically lead to such "undefined" IFC files having to be attributed by the user. That will be quite expensive.

This picture shows the structure of a problematic IFC file. In the circle, you can see that there are no building objects such as storey, wall, window, etc. This is the same problematic structure in your IFC file. Therefore, you get the error message as mentioned before in evo during the import process.

Screenshot 1.jpg
Screenshot 1.jpg (159.22 KiB) Viewed 732 times

In this example, you will see a correct IFC structure with 1: buildings, 2: floors, 3: walls, etc.

Screenshot 2.jpg
Screenshot 2.jpg (59.18 KiB) Viewed 732 times

Best regards,
DIAL Support Team


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