Ideal system hardware

questions regarding the handling of DIALux evo. (features, tools, options, settings)
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Ideal system hardware

Post by GreggC2006 » Mon Sep 23, 2013 8:05 am

Good morning,

I have been a DIALux user for some years now and am now looking to start a new business doing lighting calcs and 3d architectural visualisation.

To this end I am looking to buy a new desktop specifically for this. I am looking for some advice on precisely what level of CPU, RAM and GPU would work best for use with both Evo and (slightly cheeky question given this is a DIALux forum) Sketchup/Maxwell. I will be looking to model and render in both.

As you can appreciate value is paramount, this is a brand new venture and my purse is a little limited at the moment. I am lead to believe that AMD will be my best choice in terms of 'bang for buck' but I am still a little unsure how high-end I need to go. Will it help me to have more than one GPU for example??

Beyond the basic 'will it work' my chief concern is in getting high quality rendering done as quickly as is practical, I can't afford to wait 24hrs for a single image (as I have done in the past!)

Any guidance much appreciated.

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Re: Ideal system hardware

Post by kvkozierowski » Fri Oct 11, 2013 9:25 am


please understand that we cannot give you a detailed list which hardware would be the best for evo.

But I will try to give you some information which aspects are relevant to DIALux evo.

CPU: A modern Intel or AMD CPU will work great with evo. We are currently not using all the cores but will parallelize more parts of the software in the future. We work with Intel i7 CPUs but AMD should be okay too. A fast CPU will reduce calculation times and is very important. If you need to save money: Do not buy the top model but some of the high end models.

RAM: As the amount of RAM will greatly influence the performance of evo and RAM is not very expensive at the moment: As much as possible ;)

GPU: If value for money is important: Use a modern gaming graphics card from AMD or Nvidia. For evo I do not see benefits of the more expensive business graphics cards e.g. Nvidia Quadro. If you need these graphics adapters depends on the other software you use, for evo you do not need it. Use a card with as much video RAM as possible (e.g. 2GB). More than one GPU will not help.

Best regards


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