Problem with visualization

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Problem with visualization

Post by aivo » Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:15 pm

Hi everyone,
Recently, I’ve started using Dialux Evo Software but I have a serious problem with a “calculate/compute” function.
I’ve imported my building as *.3ds file. I’ve added some external luminaires. I’ve chosen “display light visualization” in display options. And here I have a problem.
I want to see how all of my luminaires work but I can’t. I know how to switch on a single luminaire but from what I’ve read, I can’t see them all working without doing a computing.
From my experience, after fast computing luminaires are NOT turning on. I’m not sure but I might have read that it will not happen after fast computing. The problem is that my Dialux Evo always crushes and de-crushes a few times during full computing. When the calculation is completed I get my building partly transformed. One part looks like a properly illuminated building but the other part - like a strange dark polygon. Furthermore, part of the building is rendered fine and part is in black and white, randomly illuminated.
My computer has i5 processor and 5 gb ram, and for now I added 10 luminaires.
My questions are:
Is there some way to see fully illuminated building after performing only FAST computing?
Do you have any idea why I get that strange image after full computing?

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Re: Problem with visualization

Post by Csuleiman » Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:28 pm

Dear aivo,

In the new evo7.1 version you can calculate only the visible part of the building. When you select “Fast” in the calculation settings, then you will only calculate the room which is shown in the CAD view. If you would like to see the whole illuminated building, then you have to set calculation to "Standard".
Regarding the strange effects, we wonder if you could send us your project file for an analysis and some explaining screenshots for an analysis. Please send us also a link to this topic so that we can better assign the issue. Our email-address is

Best regards,
DIAL Support Team


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