Openning on the roof that daylight calculation cosiders

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Bela Francoi
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Openning on the roof that daylight calculation cosiders

Post by Bela Francoi » Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:25 pm

I'm new here and I just begun using dialux. So, sorry if my question is too basic, rs.
I'm having a hard time trying to figure it out how to make apetures into my roof so the calculation for daylight cosiders the openning. Dialux can do that?
Ps: I'm sending to you guys a screenshoot, so you can visualize what I'm saying. I need that the daylight passes thorough this opennings in the roof.
Any help is more the welcome!!! :D
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Re: Openning on the roof that daylight calculation cosiders

Post by Csuleiman » Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:07 pm

Dear Bela Francoi,

In our aperture tool you will find a standard roof window directly in the objects list. Maybe it would be of help to search a required roof window in one of the daylight system plugins. There are some project partners (Hella or Siteco) who offer a plugin.
If you are using a skylight you will find the DDLS/ ODLS file in the tool “Apertures”.

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Please have a look at the following article from our knowledge base which provides you with some more detailed information about this topic: ... -skylights

We would also recommend you to watch our DIALux evo tutorial “Daylighting systems” to get more information how to use this façade elements in our software: ... OGRKdkAAYW

Best regards,
DIAL Support Team


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