EN 13201 :2004 , illuminance conditions

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EN 13201 :2004 , illuminance conditions

Post by Ali_Ibrahim » Wed Oct 17, 2018 10:17 am

Hi ,

I have an inquiry about using street light in dialux evo .I selected to use the standard of EN 13201 : 2004 the next option is selecting "Illuminance conditions" is it what is called in the standard "lighting situations" ?!

Because in the standard it mentioned i the appendix A

Lighting sitaution set A1 , A2 , A3 , B1 , B2 ,C1 ,D1 , D2 ,D3 ,D4 AND E1.However in Dialux evo , illuminance conditions available in the selection are only A1 ,A2,A3 ,B1,B2 , D1 , D2 , D3 , D4.

Please correct me if i misunderstood .

Please also i need clarification about what is meant exactly by illuminane conditions and illuminance situation ?

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Re: EN 13201 :2004 , illuminance conditions

Post by kvkozierowski » Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:32 am


You are right it is what is called "lighting situation" in the standard.

It is a translation error in evo. We will correct it in one of the next evo versions.

Best Regrads


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