How can create luminaire plugin ( create .uld file)????

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How can create luminaire plugin ( create .uld file)????

Post by thanhvubr » Thu May 24, 2018 3:56 am

Hi, i want to create a new .uld file but i don't know how?. Can You help me?

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Re: How can create luminaire plugin ( create .uld file)????

Post by Csuleiman » Thu May 24, 2018 5:50 am

Dear thanhvubr,

IES and LDT files are only photometric files displayed in a rather simple geometric shape. Solely the luminaire manufacturers (who applied a DIALux license) have the opportunity to include pictures, description texts or a 3D realistic model of the luminaire by means of the in-house format of DIALux "ULD". The ULD file format is an internal DIALux format which our plugins use.

Depending on the license a manufacturer bought from DIAL he can have 3D models (3DS or SAT) or 3D basic elements (cube, prism, sphere) for the visualization of his luminaries. In case the manufacturer has the license for 3D models, not necessarily all luminaries have SAT files. As making SAT files is some work, the manufacturer sometimes use the complex models only for design luminaries.

While DIALux software is free to use manufacturers needs to buy a license to become a DIALux partner and to import their products into this software. We have standard and premium license.
Premium partners can for example design their DIALux plugin more individual and have the possibility to provide ULD files for download.

So, to sum up, it is not possible to create your own ULD file by yourself.

Best regards,
DIAL Support Team


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