How to make pole geometry visible

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How to make pole geometry visible

Post by stavros » Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:04 pm

I am working on some street lighting projects, using Dialux 4.13.
Having tried many different luminaires and having searched the web as well, I have understood that in order for the pole of a street light to be visible in the 3d rendering, the luminaire needs to be declared as "pole integrated" or "pole top mounted". Is there a way to edit this parameter for a given photometric file? Via an editor or something? Where is this parameter being declared? If I want to build a photometric file of my own for example what would I do to declare it as pole integrated?
I know there is an option in Dialux Evo that toggles the pole geometry on and off. However, when it comes to street lighting I consider Dialux 4 much more useful and intuitive and so far Evo doesn't meet my requirements, so I need to do this on 4.13.

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Re: How to make pole geometry visible

Post by F.Krewett » Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:22 pm

Hi Stavros,

Your observation is correct. If the mounting type "pole top mounted" or "pole integrated" is assigned DIALux can generated a pole and visualize it.

The free to use photometric file formats LDT/IES provide no possibility to add the mounting information. These information are often not sufficient and so we have created an extended file format called ULD. This photometry format can be used by DIALux partners only.

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