Evo 9, missing features.

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Evo 9, missing features.

Post by AnttiL » Tue May 05, 2020 9:46 am


Nice to have the new version to test but I'm afraid that there is a one big problem for my usage of Dialux EVO.

I was not able to find any method of checking values of camera orientated light.
Values are only shown in documentation on top of the cad of the whole area.
It might work for small areas with limited number of measuring points, but for bigger areas it comes one big mess.

The function was not good at Evo 8 but i could manage with using the documentation and checking the values from table type of value chart. Now this type of Chart is missing.

Gould you please bring that back?

Also it would be nice to see the values also in desing window like i can see with horizontal light, that would make my life much more easier.

And also rotation of the luminaires in exportable table would be a huge improvement.

Br Antti

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Re: Evo 9, missing features.

Post by Csuleiman » Fri May 08, 2020 11:30 am

Hello Antti,

We will forward your suggestions to our product owner. They will discuss your issues intensively and add your wishes to our improvement list for future evo versions. Thank you for your important feedback!

Best regards,
DIAL Support Team


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