Documentation, missing features.

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Alex D.
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Documentation, missing features.

Post by Alex D. » Thu May 07, 2020 8:46 am


Its really wonderfull to have new version of Dialux Evo!
But old version 8 has one useful thing with documentation, that i miss very much.

In old version on "page selection" i could make patterns, using putton "Edit". If i'd like to create document with only "Summary" layouts in rooms, i only needed to make a pattern. And it applied changes to all rooms in all document.

But now, if i need only "Summary" layouts in rooms, i have to set it manually for each room. And it takes huge amount of time!
It woud be great if you return this function from dialux 8.

Or maybe i just cant find how create a pattern in new version..

Best Regards,
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Re: Documentation, missing features.

Post by kvkozierowski » Thu May 07, 2020 9:03 am

Hello Alex,

You can now export and import your page selection in the documentation:
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It has the same benefits as the templates in evo 8, additionally you can copy your file and use it with another evo installation.

Without page selection there is another fast way to select only the summary pages which takes only seconds regardless how many rooms you have in your project.
1. Click Edit
2. Hit "All" until nothing is selected
3. Search for "Summary"
4. Click "All"
5. Click "x" in Search
Now you have only the summary pages selected.

I hope I understand your problem correctly and this is a good solution for you.

Best Regards


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