Part two

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Yuri Golod
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Part two

Post by Yuri Golod » Tue May 19, 2020 7:10 am

Dear Kolja,

Thanks for your valuable time answering my "tirade". Not sure why you had to lock my previous post...

With any luck you will be able to answer my constructive criticism this time. By the way there aren't too many people that used this software package from the very start and gone through all the versions. It may pay to listen.

1. Description page locks you in to a certain format, which makes no sense to long time users. I personally, and many others judging by the other posts, prefer having an option of adding images (renders) in whatever useful way that was available previously. Having to fill out a "description" seems to be the only way forward now. Wouldn't you say that it make sense to actually find out how Dialux users want their reports to look?

2. Scaling calculation fields (2D views) was fast and easy, no longer an option. You're telling me this feature wasn't important enough to keep? At least make it available in a paid version.

3. Point still stands. Perhaps doing a mass online poll of what features Dialux users are needing (or otherwise) would be a good start?

Kind regards,


Hi Yuri,

Thank you so much for your most valuable feedback.

Please let me answer your questions in short:
You can do much more things with a complete layout editor than it was ever possible in DIALux before. There was never a possibility to really change the layout of the documentation before.
If you do not need it, do not buy it. If you can tell us how the users want it to work, please do so.

1. The description page contains the images and (2D) views now. It is another name but the same purpose.

2. There was never an option to scale images! It was only possible to scale the 2D views. This was one thing most users of evo 8.2 did never understand. With the new layout alternatives you have much more options to show your images/views (without paying anything or using an external editor) than in evo 8.2. An option to scale the 2D views might be added later.

3. No comment.

If I missed any constructive criticism (apart from the missing 2d view scale option) in your tirade, please let me know.

Best Regards

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Re: Part two

Post by kvkozierowski » Tue May 19, 2020 8:32 am

Dear Yuri,

I think another moderator locked the thread after some time, sorry.

Thank you very much for coming back and explaining this topic in more detail.

1. You are absolutely right, of course we want to know how the users want their reports to look. I guess during the development of the new documentation we focussed more on the design of a complete project with descriptions etc. To be honest it was surprising for us how important the pictures are for many users. We asked some users for feedback during the development and it was never a big issue.
We are currently discussing to separate the description and image pages again.

2. Just to understand you correctly. What was your use case to scale the 2D views. Was it to get a fixed scale (e.g. 1:40) or was it to resize the image to fit onto the page? If you used it to change the image size, you can do this in the paid version. But it is not the idea of the paid version to take something away from users and make them pay for it. The idea behind the Pro feature is to be able to adapt the documentation perfectly to your own CI / CD.
To have more options to show your images/views in different sizes with or without description texts we added more layout alternatives with evo 9.0 patch 2.

3. Well, this might be an idea, I am pretty sure or product owner know about most of the users wishes. To be honest, I thought the new layout editing feature would be exactly the feature you requested back in 2017:

By importing images I meant also being able to adjust their size on the docs printout page. Currently you can only add images to the PDF printout but not move or resize on the page. Maybe even set as background

Imagine how much better would our presentations look like if these sorts of manipulations could available?

These things are possible now with the pro feature and the external layout editor and today you tell us that this is a completely useless feature.
There were more requests to have more freedom to design your own layouts from other users in the past. To do this just with the options available in evo without a visual preview would be very hard, therefore (and other technical issues) we added the external editor.
I think we should focus on improving the software and clear up misunderstandings and not blame anybody for suboptimal results. These things happen and there is not the one person responsible for it.

Best regards


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