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Post by LaurenScobie » Thu Jun 27, 2019 3:29 pm

Best method for getting results for Stair calculation at specific height of the Stair Case ?
new to Dialux and never done Stair calculation before

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Post by Csuleiman » Fri Jun 28, 2019 8:15 am

Hi LaurenScobie,

To simulate a staircase in DIALux we would like to recommend the following workflow:

Please insert a cube and adapt it to the geometry of the first stair (e.g. position: 1, 1, 0.1 ; geometry: 0.2, 1, 0.2). Right-click the inserted cube and select "Copy along a line" in the context menu. Please fill in the quantity of the whole staircase minus 1, as the first stair has been placed already. The distance can be defined as X=0,2; Y=0 und Z=0,2. In case that you would like to add a handrail, please insert another cube and modify it to the geometry required. In this way, you will create a staircase adapted to your guidelines.
The alternative solution is to import the staircase as a 3D object via the SAT or 3DS interface. In this way, you can create the furniture file in the CAD program you prefer, save it as a SAT or 3DS file and import this file into DIALux.

You can either create a calculation surface on each step. Alternatively, it is also possible to place a calculation surface (type: "Vertical illuminance"; setting via Property Page "Calculation surface" in the Inspector for surface selection) over the staircase according to the inclination of the staircase to determine illuminance.

Best regards,
DIAL Support Team


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