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Post by eddy.s@vkgroup.be » Thu Jul 09, 2020 6:28 am

In previous versions the w/m²/100lux was calculated on the roomspace surface area,
if there is no wall zone, the documentation gives for example
lighting power density Room 1.36w/m²/100lux

onces you put in a wall zone
dialux evo gives only this result
lighting power density workplane 1.58W/m²/100lux

earlier versions of dialux always gives the room surface as result NOT the workplane!

can this be resolved?

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Re: W/m²/100lux

Post by Csuleiman » Fri Jul 17, 2020 8:42 am

Hello eddy.s@vkgroup.be,

There are also standards where the result is related to the working plane (therefore we calculate both values). The user then gets a result related to the room surface and related to the working plane. But you can show and hide them separately in the page settings and then set them as default for future projects.

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