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Dayligt factor

Post by NichlasHolm » Mon May 31, 2021 7:09 am

Hey All

I'm trying to use DIALux to make my documentation for dayligt factor. I'm come so far to upload my IFC file, and get a complete report with every room, and the dayligt factor.
My problem is:
Can i get a more simply report, there only focus on daylight factor, where i only get the result page for every room, and not the pages with lux??
Can i get the daylight factor calculation, to ignore the 1m rule from all wall?

Hope someone can help me. :)

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Re: Dayligt factor

Post by Csuleiman » Tue Jun 15, 2021 7:36 am

Hello NichlasHolm,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get only the daylight factor on the results page for each room and hide the lux values.

In the light scene for daylight factor effective area the settings are not selectable. In this light scene, an overcast sky applies to calculate the daylight factor. This may not be changed by the user. Therefore this area is also grayed out.
The wall zone of 1m in evo is according to the standard DIN 5034-1 2011-07 part 4.3 "Illumination with daylight". There you will find the following abstract: "...the height of 0,85m above the floor at half of the room depth at a distance of 1m to the side walls..."
Besides this you will find the same content in DIN 5034-3: "The working plane is limited by a poly line in a distance of 1m of the walls. This line lays in the reference plane in case anything different is set."

Our daylight effective area specifies the central daylight factor over the entire surface, not only at half room depth. This is required for the energy review by 18599 and EneV.

For each room, a daylight factor effective area is automatically added as soon as daylight is calculated. This area is a Stockmar grid of daylight quotient calculation points with the following properties:
=> Height: 0.85m above the floor
=> Wall zone (from the room contour): 1m
This area is not editable.

Best regards,
DIAL Support Team


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