Cannot find the required luminaire

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Cannot find the required luminaire

Post by EMusc » Wed Oct 05, 2022 4:05 pm


I am new to DIALux and still finding my bearings so kindly excuse the probably basic question.. I have a project in which there are two brands (Dura Lamp and Atea) whose fittings I need to use but are not listed in the Manufacturer's list. I was not able to find a .ldt or .ies file on their website either, when this happens and I have no photometric file to import, what can one do to complete the scene with unfound fittings?

After researching online I have not yet found how to proceed with this and I would appreciate some advice please.

Thank you!

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Re: Cannot find the required luminaire

Post by Csuleiman » Thu Oct 06, 2022 5:16 am

Hello EMusc,

Normally, when a luminaire is measured in a laboratory, a luminaire file is automatically created according to the standard. This is done by the software used for the measurement. Perhaps the manufacturer can provide you with a luminaire file in IES or LDT file format.
Therefore, we can only recommend that you contact both manufacturers directly to get more information about their products.

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