DIALux Evo 9.0 & 9.1 Street Lighting printout / results / documentation problems

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Kris Game
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DIALux Evo 9.0 & 9.1 Street Lighting printout / results / documentation problems

Post by Kris Game » Tue Sep 29, 2020 11:38 am

Dear DIAL crew.
As for engineer it was a huge jump from EVO 8 to EVO 9 and 9.1. EVO 9.1 solved some problems with images - that is noticeable. It's like a step forward with room design, but there were loads of issues made with representation of results in documentation that are like wide step back.
I'm not alone in that opinnion and many of my clients or friends got used to representation of results made in Dialux 4, because you may shown results acorrding to EN standards (like measurement grids) and easily compare it to real measurements.

I'll list only few from most bothering cases in EVO 9 & 9.1.

Graphics required in Cover page and Description pages
  • requires adding graphics anytime - otherwise there is black stripes graphic generated in PDF instead of empty/blank space
  • Text from "Project description" isn't imported to Cover page, it's required to rewrite/copy-paste it
There's no alternative for cover page layout without graphics, and not every calculation requires cover photos. Solution requires adding blank pixel graphic to get rid of ugly stripes from PDF.

Content page
  • Problem with "Street Lighting" results - there is no Name printed for following situations.
  • When it's printed - there's no option to hide "alternative number".
It unnecessarily requires adding some empty pages of "Description" only to make Content page print Names of streets.
Is there an option to hide information about alternative number - mostly calculations are printed to show only best/final choice, and Investor doesn't need an information how many vertions were made earlier.

Summary - for street lighting
  • Bad scale of measure numbers at 1st page - numbers are ca. 0.5-1mm height and require zooming in Evo, and are unreadable after generating PDF/printing.
  • Amount of pages required to show summary
EVO 8 had nicely condensed/gathered informations at 1 up to 2 pages - what was an advantage on Dialux 4.13. Planner could show essential informations about his plan and results.
Now EVO 9 and EVO 9.1 requires minimum 3 - 4 pages for the same projects. It's like a wide step back. Is there a posibility to make compact alternative like it was in EVO8?
In bigger projects there are required calculations for multiple roadway situations - any additional pages or lack of information about the name of road in content page make documentation difficult to read. Adding desciption page requires adding graphics and increases PDF file size from few up to houndrets of MB.

False colours[/]
  • No false colour option for Street lighting.
In Dialux 4.13 there is an option of adding such result page for client request.
EVO9.1 gives only opportunity for adding external images [it was blocked in 9.0].

Best regards,

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Re: DIALux Evo 9.0 & 9.1 Street Lighting printout / results / documentation problems

Post by Csuleiman » Wed Sep 30, 2020 7:48 am

Hello Kris,

Thank you for your important and constructive feedback, which we would like to forward directly to our product owners. They will discuss the individual points in detail and of course try to consider your criticism points in the upcoming evo versions.
We always try to adapt evo to our market situation and are of course very grateful for any suggestions for improvement from our users.

Best regards,
DIAL Support Team


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